Waterhole Ritual Clinic

Waterhole Ritual Clinic

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Ever wondered how to train a horse at liberty from the beginning?  Want to improve your connection and relationship with your horse?  Want your horse to preform from the bond vs. the training?  You won't want to miss this demonstration and play day.  

Join Linda Salinas at her farm in Gastonia, N.C. for a play day in the Waterhole Rituals.  Learn how Linda has created a magical relationship with her horses at liberty.  

Limited participants.

Hours 9:00-4:00

There are 3 different types of participants that you are able to sign up for.  

The $350.00 participant, is a full participant in every aspect of the clinic however they will not experience "hands on" with a horse while in the arena.  They will be active in all the exercises we do, meditation, discussions, teachings, etc.   Unlimited

The $450.00 participant, receives all of the above but will have an opportunity to experience "hands on" with a horse in the arena even though they did not bring a horse to the clinic.   Limited to  5 participants

The $650.00 participant brings their own horse to the clinic or uses one of my horses since it may not be possible to bring one of their horses.  I have 8 willing horses to be their companion for the clinic.  They are active in all aspects of the clinic.  Limited to 5 participants

***I do not take auditors.  My goal is for every one attending to have an unforgettable experience.  You can't audit an experience.  I guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back.  

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Demonstration of the WHR with one of Linda's horses will be given in the morning.   Late morning and the rest of the day will be working horses using the Waterhole Rituals at liberty.  

Date subject to change due to weather.

What you will learn:

The Art of Connection which begins with you

Communicate in the language your horse speaks and understands

The importance of timing

Being present with a horse

How to lead a horse the way horses understand

Communicate telepathically with a horse

Developing “FEEL” 

How your energy is connected to a horse

How to use your energy to influence a horse

How to make your horse “light”

The ingredients for a successful relationship (horse or human) 

The nature of horses

How to use food around and with horses

Learn to work in the moment 

Enter in the pastures with multiple horses and work as a herd

How to begin dancing with a horse

And much much more…..

Each morning will begin with a meditation while being in the company of a horse.  This is to put you into the present moment and mind of the horse, where the horse naturally resides.   I offer a complete 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied on the first day.